Metal Work

For the vast majority of our products we conduct all metal works in-house including cutting, stamping, shaping, welding and polishing. 

For techniques such as laser and water jet cutting and complicated casting projects, we currently work with long term partner subcontractors with plans to bring these in house as we develop more of our own designs.

Powder Coating & Hand Finishes

We have the facilities to complete all pre-treatment and powder coating in-house. Our skilled workers are also capable of beautiful hand painted finishes to add depth and an artisan feel over our powder coat.

Depending on customer specifications and budget we work with a variety of epoxy-based powders specifically formulated for outdoor use ensuring longevity our all our products.

Our dedicated quality team conducts regular checks on our finishing processes including coverage and adhesion tests. All batches are salt spray and adhesion tested.


We are extremely proud of our mosaic workers and are constantly looking for ways to keep this ancient art alive and contemporary. All of our mosaic patterns are hand laid over water proofed surfaces and sealed with water and UV resistant sealers.


All our weaving is conducted in house by skilled weavers from all over China. Whilst working exclusively with all weather wicker materials, our weavers weave a variety of patterns suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.