What are your minimum order quantities (MOQ)? Can I mix multiple products in one container?
Whilst we are capable of mass production runs in the thousands, we understand the pressures of large brands and retailers to keep inventory low and the limited resources of SMEs.

That’s why we maintain a flexible approach to order sizes and mixing multiple products in containers.

Generally speaking our minimum order requirement is that it fills at least a 20ft container with a maximum mix of four different products.

For running items our usual MOQ is 100-200 pieces per product. In some circumstances we will accept order sizes as low as 50 pieces. Some items may need higher MOQs due to materials and colours involved and where our material suppliers have set MOQ requirements.

For newly developed items the MOQ is generally 200 pieces but is also dependent on materials, processes and colours.

Please keep in mind that lower order quantities do come with some additional costs that lead to higher FOB prices. Higher order quantities allow us to gain greater production efficiency and lower material and waste costs. We pass these savings on and offer significantly lower FOB prices for large order quantities for most products.

Large order quantities do not necessarily need to ship all at the same time however, and we accept seasonal buys and projections for many customers. This means you can enjoy lower FOB prices with staggered shipments.

Contact us now to discuss how we can balance your inventory needs with cost effective production runs and shipments timed for your business flow.